In this article, we will learn what are the data refresh options available, ways to refresh data manually as well as how to enable and setup schedule refresh in Power BI.

Types of Refreshes

Manual refresh

In power BI, we can refresh data manually. Owner or Admin users need to login to Power BI Service and refresh data manually whenever they need to view latest data in the report.

  1. Refresh Manually from Opened Report

If you are admin user, you can refresh the visuals from the opened report as illustrated below

2. Refresh from Dataset

You can refresh the data by refreshing dataset as shown in below image.

Scheduled Automatic Refresh

On the other hand, we can schedule a refresh according to our need. We can enable the schedule refresh and setup date time as per our requirement.

You can below steps to configure schedule refresh.

Step1: Dataset Setting

Right click on Dataset and go to Dataset Setting as illustrated below.

Step 2: Turn on Schedule Refresh

If your dataset Schedule refresh is off you need to trun on first.

Step3:  Setup Refresh Time

Then you can setup the time for schedule refresh as depicted below.

Setup Refresh frequency as Daily, weekly based on your need, chose your Time zone and select Time of refresh.

Additionally, you can setup for Send refresh failure notification to Database owner or other users too.

Finally, click on Apply to complete the schedule refresh setup.

We can implement multiple no of refresh schedule in a day based on our need and depending upon how often data get updated and how often user need to view the reports with latest data.

For example, we can schedule auto refresh early in the morning, mid-day, evening or night and so on.


Hence, this article has described the Refresh options available in Power BI Service and how to schedule auto refresh.

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