Compare Two Database and find differences.

This section we will how to compare two database to identify the differences like Dev, UAT or UAT, Prod likewise.

  1. Right click in the SQL Database project and choose schema compare.

2. Select Source and Target database. Prove connection. Note: we can compare two databases or another database with the project database.

3. Click Compare

The we will the differences between source and target database.

There will be deleted, edited and added objects as shown.

Compare, Update or Create update Scripts.

Another we can update the target database or generate update script to push source version.

  1. Complete the compare part. then there is option to do the job.

Update option directly update to target database and generate script will give sql script.

From above consideration, we don’t need to create migration script or plan for DB. We can easily compare the relevant database tables, views and stored procedures in no time.

So, any changes can be incorporated and make database managing in effective and efficient way.

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