In this article we will learn how to add SharePoint List in SharePoint site. Additionally, we will add necessary column for simple power app and automation for leave approval process and will use this List in next part for automation process.

Go to SharePoint site and click on Setting then click on Add an App.

Click on Custom List

Give Name of your List and click on Create

List will be created as shown below.

Click on List

Go to setting and then click on List Setting to add more columns in the List.

You can setup your List from there. There are lots of setting available for the list

Go to little below, you can see Title, Modified, Created, CreatedBy, ModifiedBy columns are created.

To add new column, click on Create Column, give name of your column, choose data type, Required field, string length ect.

Finally click Ok. In this way, we can add more column by click on Create column option and follow same process.

Choice value for Column:

To make choice value available in some column, we can choose Type option to Choice and add default values of choices while adding the column and also can choose display setting for choices whether it should be drop down option, radio button or check box while displaying in design. Below scree shots give you clear insights.

After adding all the necessary column for my List, finally my list looks like as below.

In this way, the article has described how to add list in SharePoint site. Moreover, we will use this list for power automation and flow in SharePoint site in next part.

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